Timothy Joseph Rizzi was born in Jerome, Idaho on November 21,1958. He grew up in central Wyoming and is making Colorado his home. He is currently single with four grown children, Kirk, Jason, Lindsey, Dixie, and his dog Lacie. International travels include England, Finland, France, China, Japan, and Korea. Hobbies are fly-fishing, reading, quizzing Secret Service agents, and more reading. Tim performs extensive research by touring front line Air Force bases, flying combat simulators, briefings with high ranking military officials, and he barely survived going through the Marine Officers' Candidate Training Obstacle Course at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia.

"Traveling all over the United States, Western Europe and Southern China allows me to meet a variety of interesting people and interact with their cultures. This enables me to add realism in the elements of my plots and characters. Describing the feeling of jet lag, after working in China for ten days, becomes a surreal experience I can write about adeptly. Another important aspect of traveling for me is gaining an insight into the complex world we live."

"Writing is my ultimate passion. I enjoy the research and the surprises that come from each project. I believe writing is as much a discipline as it is the ability to entertain and connect to readers' emotions. It is true writing can be stressful with late nights and deadlines but with my earnest interest I have such a fun time that I hardly notice."

"I am comfortable in a suit and tie standing in a boardroom giving a Power Point presentation on five year growth plans and sales trends, however, I am more comfortable with a fly rod in my hand, wearing a pair of Levi's casting to a brook trout. Life can be fast paced and overwhelming at times so I gather as often as I can with family, friends and a good wine at a mountain cabin for the simple pleasures. My goal is to add a novel or two to those simple pleasures in life."

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