Strike Of The Cobra

  • "Heart-in-mouth, max G-force, stunningly realistic air action."
    -Kirkus Reviews
  • "Rivals Tom Clancy...the most visceral air battles since CNN's coverage of Desert Storm. Rizzi converts satellite and military data into speed-readable action with an appealing cast of men and women on both sides of the conflict. Pentagon planning and Libyan/Terrorist interaction are equally engrossing right up to the cinematic ending."
    -Publishers Weekly
  • "Rizzi constructs a refreshing plot for his techno-thriller. A superb knowledge of American military operations under new defense doctrine. The author's real strength is his description of flying, air combat, and air operations. Techno-thriller fans and arm-chair fighter pilots who balk at many error-fraught Clancy clones will especially enjoy this novel...recommended."
    -Library Journal
  • "Now that the USSR has collapsed and the Cold War is over, could there be any possible danger of a nuclear strike any where in the world? You'll believe it when you read Tim Rizzi's, Strike Of The Cobra."
    -Book Browsing
  • "Rizzi creates an up-to-date scenario. Expert in the latest defense technology, Rizzi knows how to use details of it to bolster his thriller's credibility: This may be how the armed forces plan and fight future wars."
The Phalanx Dragon

  • "Elaborate...Rizzi's credible scenario and action-filled pace once again carry the day."
    -Publishers Weekly
  • "Rizzi at his best...A high-speed chase that pits complex U.S. military technology against the Iranians...Great techno-speak and top-gun action."
    -Kirkus Reviews
  • "A tense military exciting story full of enough action to keep the keenest fans on the edge of their seats!"
  • "If you're a Clancy fan, you're in for a treat...few readers will be able to put down The Phalanx Dragon."
    -The State (Columbia, SC)
  • "Loaded with action, advanced military and intelligence technology and an awesome plot...a whale of a story."
    -Abilene Reporter-News
Eagles Of Fire

  • "Rizzi's turbo-charged latest. This is as much adventure novel as techno-thriller--and Rizzi's knowledgeable, sympathetic portrayal of how military professionals must do their best in an uncertain and underappreciated role win the day."
    -Publishers Weekly
  • "A genuinely gripping series of aerial engagements. Furious state-of-the-art action on land, at sea and (especially) in the air."
    -Kirkus Reviews
  • "His pacing is excellent, his research has been thorough, and he is steadily developing Duke James as a character. This is an above-average piece of storytelling that should hold the audience he won with Strike Of The Cobra (1993) and The Phalanx Dragon (1994)."
  • "Rizzi's nonstop action assures that readers will keep them turning the pages, and his descriptions of aerial battles provide plenty of chills. Rizzi is able to convert the technical data into a storyline that races at almost the pace of a jet fighter."
    -The State (Columbia, SC)
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