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Flash Point Phoenix
A secret Middle East conference is convened in an attempt to secure a weak President's re-election and stifle his political enemies. The conference, named the Phoenix, does not proceed as planned when a CIA mole leaks the location to the Iranians. The beautiful, politically savvy Secretary of State, Morgan Shepard, is captured by Muhammed Nassiri and his well-equipped terrorists. General Duke James returns in this story as Deputy National Security Advisor and is tasked to rescue Shepard.

A twist in the plot develops when a CIA operative learns of the President's emotional involvement with Shepard. Personal power and revenge movtivate him to utilize covert operations to eliminate James and Shepard. In the midst of deceit and danger, Duke's priority of rescuing Shepard becomes shadowed with complications when he realizes he does not know who to trust.

Echo of the Bismarck
Drake Coleman, a CIA Counterterrorist Officer, is assigned to assist the Joint Counterterrorism Task Force to investigate a possible Hamas sleeper cell detected in Wyoming. He teams up with Brenda Reese, his FBI counterpart, and their investigation soon leads them to the Hamas leader who is plotting to assault Americans with a reconstructed atomic bomb from the Battleship Bismarck.

The Bismarck sank on her maiden voyage taking Hitler's super weapon; the world's first atomic bomb down to the ocean's depths. The Hamas terrorists have managed to salvage several internal parts, reset the detonation sequence and now Coleman and Reese must stop the Echo of the Bismarck.

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