It's 1984. The B-2 Stealth Bomber-Nightstalker-is secretly operational. The aircraft's stealth design enables undetected flight into Soviet airspace and facilitates the destruction of command and control centers, and mobile ICB missiles. However, the Soviets have engineered an operational computer-radar complex that detects the cutting-edge aircraft to counter the United States stealth technology. If the complex performs as expected, the balance of power will shift to the shielded Soviet Bear, threatening the U.S. and its allies.

Nightstalker features the most complete portrait ever seen, in fact or fiction, of the Stealth Bomber. This novel is a wondrously involving mix of beyond-the-envelope technology, high adventure and profound human drama on a personal and world scale.

"Harrowing flight scenes."

-Kirkus Reviews

In Strike Of The Cobra the space shuttle Atlantis embarks on a mission to recover a crippled Kosmos satellite, a Soviet Cold War relic, equipped with nuclear warheads. The shuttle is forced into an emergency landing in Northern Chad and Palestinians quickly seize control of the Atlantis. Libyan leaders informed of the extraordinary fortune send in their own army to take possession of the shuttle and its deadly cargo.

The Special Operations Unified Command Team (SOUCT), code-named Cobra, must intercept the Libyans then overtake the Palestinians before either army is able to extract the nuclear warheads and disappear into the elusive Middle East underworld. SOUCT, instantly deploys to the crisis point, and the two forces converge accelerating the action to an unforgettable conclusion.

"The author's real strength is his description of flying, air combat, and air operations. Techno-thriller fans and arm-chair fighter pilots who balk at many of the error-fraught Clancy clones will especially enjoy this novel...recommended."

-Library Journal

A malfunctioning U.S. cruise missile landed in the Zagros Mountains of Iran during the first Gulf War. Iranian ultra-nationalists discover the missile and decipher the advanced computer-chip technology and fiber optics guidance system. The leaders in Tehran plot to use the technology with a plan called, The Phalanx Dragon, to upgrade their weapons then stop tankers from entering or leaving the Strait of Hormuz. The flow of Oil from the Persian Gulf is cut off impacting the rest of the world in an attempt to bring the United States to her knees.

General Duke James and a group of Special Forces are assigned to meet the threat. Duke James, hero of Nightstalker and Strike Of The Cobra, is launched into a battle as he takes on the Iranians. Ironically, Duke's challenge is to overcome the state-of-the-art air defenses sold to the Iranians by the United States.

"Elaborate...Rizzi's credible scenario and action-filled pace once again carry the day."

-Publishers Weekly

In Eagles Of Fire an aging North Korean general is seeking assistance from the United States to overthrow the brutal North Korean dictatorship in hopes to reunite his war-torn country. The President sends General Duke James, serving as Deputy National Security Advisor, to Langau Island in the Sea of Japan to meet with the general. Top officials in the White House disagree with the President and in an attempt to stop the reunification they blatantly inform the North Korean government of the meeting.

The United States' F-15Es, Eagles Of Fire, are scrambled to intercept the North Korean forces intent on destroying the site of the meeting and everyone in it. Langau Island explodes into chaos when the clash in the skies overhead leaves Duke James stranded and fighting for his life.

"Rizzi's nonstop action assures that readers will keep them turning the pages, and his descriptions of aerial battles provide plenty of chills. Rizzi is able to convert the technical data into a storyline that races at almost the pace of a jet fighter."

-The State (August 1996/Columbia, SC)
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